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charmedff's Journal

A Charmed Fanfiction Community
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This is a community designed for people to post their fanfictions about The WB's Charmed (w00t).

However, before you join/post, there are a few rules we'd like you to follow.

1. If your fic is longer than about half a page of text, please use an lj-cut. (<*lj-cut> .. <*/lj-cut> without the *s).

2. If you have a fanfiction.net (or other such sites) account, and you want to advertise your Charmed fic, go for it! However... please post something relivent. Like comment on someone's story and post the link in your signiture. Don't spam every 5 minutes "LUK @ MUH FF ACUNT PLEZ!" like a moronic newbie.

3. Fictions can be anything from poems to songs, half page stories to fifty page novels. We don't really care, just post!

4. Please edit your work before you post it... Reading "And then Phoebebebe sadi tooo Pruepiper 'O-M-G!'" Those are really annoying fics, and will most like get deleted, so none of that.

5. Be nice to other posters! Yes their fic sucks, we all know it, they probably know it too, so don't get in their face about it, or you get to go bye bye.